Friday, May 02, 2008

GOURMET May 2008 p.122

My first photographs in GOURMET Magazine (on page 122 of the May 2008 issue), from an event at the Astor Center, hosted by Chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern.

The menu was too good not to share.

Celery Root and Mountain View Farms Bacon Custard with Sheldon Farms Adirondack Red Potatoes, Almonds and Paddlefish Roe

Mosaic of Mountain View Farms Chicken and Rutabaga, Chicken Liver Stuffed Prunes and Sheldon Farms Austrian Crescent Potato Salad

Mountain View Farms Cotechino with Pistachio, Sheldon Farms Adirondack Blue Potatoes and Cippolini Onions

Braised Manx Station Beef Shanks with Sheldon Farms La Ratte Potato Puree and Carrots

Consider Bardwell Farmstead Cheeses: Dorset Pawlet, Manchester, and Rupert

Smoked Milk Chocolate and Bacon Tarts, Creme Fraiche (by Pastry Chef Nancy Olson)

And a few extra photos from the night ...

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Blogger erin said...

i too had my 1st photo in gourmet in May! how fun! congrats.

6/11/2008 12:44 PM  

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