Thursday, March 13, 2008

ASTOR CENTER: Chef Chris Cosentino's "Head to Tail"

ASTOR CENTER: Chef Chris Cosentino's "Head to Tail"

The Astor Center in NYC hosted Chef Chris Cosentino of Incanto, for his first ever east-coast "Head to Tail" dinner (on March 4th, 2008).


Beef heart tartare puttanesca
Fritto of honeycomb Tripe with picholine olives and marjoram
Crostino of salt cured pork heart, eight minute farm egg
Porchetta di testa with radish and pecorino


Beef tendon & sweetbreads, with chile and mint
Turf and Surf: trotters and lobster with tarragon
Crudo of venison liver, with beets and juniper balsamic
Whole roasted spring lamb neck, with sheep's milk polenta and gremolata
Blood orange candied cockscombs, with bay leaf rice pudding

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