Monday, March 15, 2010

EDIBLE BROOKLYN, Issue 17, Spring 2010

What says Spring in Brooklyn more than smoked meat, right? I don't just mean the open aired grilling variety, but those that grace the Polish Butchers of Greenpoint (as seen on Edible Brooklyn's Spring 2010 cover, photo by Dina Kantor). From one enclave to the next, we see diverse backgrounds influencing the ethnic foods we eat. The BACK OF THE HOUSE series stop by Dressler in Williamburg, who's chef, Polo Dobkin, comes from Austrian and Spanish roots to revitalizes stodgy old American bistro staples, into contemporary inflected masterpieces, exempli gratia "steak and short rib, with whipped potatoes, creamed spinach & sauce bordelaise".

From classics to coops, we explore the backyard chicken coop movement, look in the Fridge of WNYC Radio personality Leonard Lopate, sip some joe from nearly hundred year old Dallis Coffee, taste fresh baked macaroons, and watch locally foraged wood became a coffee table for our magazine to sit on. Enjoy!

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